"DUDE! Cloud 9 right now man! So so awesome! This is absolutely crushing what the last record did on radio through vitriol. It took weeeeekkks to even break the 200. You guys are geniuses! Super exciting. I'm gonna try and spread the news as best I can on FB & Twitter and get on those Thank You emails! "
Weaver At The Loom

"We cannot thank you enough for all that you’ve done for us. Before we began working with you we really had no idea how the music industry worked. Through the summer alone, you’ve taught us an invaluable number of things that we can now utilize as a foundation for the band. We feel that you have given us a direction and game plan for our future and it is looking more promising than ever before.
You worked countless hours to get us all of the television licenses, the immense amount of radio play, and helped us become affiliated with the BEST performance rights organization, SESAC. A thank you hardly suffices. We’ve found that is hard to come by people you can legitimately trust in this industry—and you are certainly one of them. We are excited to continue working with you, and it still seems surreal that we had a chance to go to Nashville to meet you and the others that you pointed us to. If there is anything at all that we can do to return the favor please let us know. Bottom line – You are the man. Thanks again and God bless."
ryan, Corey, Luke, Matt, Paige
Avian Sunrise

"Krista, you are incredible.  We so appreciate the way you and Grant stepped in last-minute to throw down on this very important hit to TBP.  You can't be thanked enough.  I so look forward to taking you both out for a raging night on the town next time you visit my little city. ;-)"
Chris Hinderaker
The Bad Plus

"Krista I, too, am looking forward to working with you and all at Tinderbox.  Your enthusiasm and professionalism is exemplary and is, thus far, unmatched by anyone outside the band or EmmaJava Records. Viva Tinderbox! Con mucho gusto!"
Roger Clyne
Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

"Grant, thank you for all your help and your wildly crunchy number work. It was very fun having you around and I could not have done it alone, that's for sure."
Dan Wilson
"Hey Krista! All of TBP here...Once again, thanks so much for your tireless support of this band.  Wow! It was a thrill to be on Conan and we know (thanks to you) that the word GOT OUT in Minny about it. You rock!"
ra, ei and dk
The Bad Plus

"Hi Krista. You're incredible...no you're amazing. I can't thank you enough for all you do/have done for us. Thank you thank you thank you."
E.G. Bailey
Tru Ruts Entertainment

"Hey Jon, Hope all is well.  I just wanted to give you an idea of how well the placement on Real World has worked out for me...I just got my iTunes sales through just the first week after the episode aired, and I did almost $2000 in sales that week alone!  Amazing.  Thank you again for all your work!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some more placements!"
Juliet Lloyd
"Thanks for the feedback and detailed review, Krista.  Your patience and commitment to service is nothing short of extraordinary."
Lior Shamir, Managing Director
We Are Listening
"Tinderbox and We Are Listening definitely made good on their promises to us after winning the first ever "Breaking the Band."   Lior and We Are Listening made a great choice when teaming up with Jon and his Tinderbox crew.  They treated us like family, went over and above what they were asked, and gave us some great opportunities to make the next step: Hundreds of college stations are now playing our music, the television licenses came in as promised, we're still being worked to press and media, and the slot during SXSW was the icing on the cake.  Whole- heartedly support what you guys are doing.  Thanks to all of you!  We appreciate working with people who work as hard as we do!  Thanks for believing in us."
Bryon Rossi

"Jade (and Tinderbox crew), I want to send a personal note to thank you so much for all of your work on the Midwest Dilemma - Timelines & Tragedies release thus far (so please please don't stop!). This is all so exciting and new, being our debut record, I just can't explain how much this means to our band and especially myself. This has been such a long road leading up to actually releasing this record, and it's so amazing to see this getting out there to the North America. Your enthusiasm and support has been unmatched and it is truly a pleasure working with every one of you. You have my 2 thumbs up as far as professionalism and friendliness! Let's see if we can keep moving up (#161)!!! Or is it down?
Midwest Dilemma

"Hey you all, Our record just moved UP the charts after six weeks! Whaaat? Thank you thank you thank you! Are you guys, like, sleeping with all these djs or something? We love that you're still pushing the record, and are truly overwhelmed. Thank you!
The Small Cities

"I wanted to say thanks on behalf of Vertigo Venus for all that you and Tinderbox music have done for us.  As a working band, it can be daunting to make big jumps in your career, but you have made it so much more possible for us, and that is a huge, huge thing.  We're getting fans thru facebook and around the US that are finding us because of the Radio play we're getting, and the statistics that we get from Brandon have been awesome.  You guys are right on the money and you make it happen consistently, and back it up with great reporting and communication.  I'm even hearing from promoters in Nashville whom you've referred to us.  That's huge! Tinderbox Music is a must for any band worth their salt.  I'm glad that you felt that we are, and working on our future with you is an exciting prospect!"
Vertigo Venus

"Hey Jon, Just wanted to send a quick thank you.  Our phones lit up late last night from people calling and saying they've heard us two weeks in a row on REAL WORLD "The Duel 2".  Especially getting the shout out on screen in the artist box during the show was a cool moment for an independent band like us.  We really appreciate you working so hard for us, and please thank the supervisor for digging our music enough to use it."

"Over the past couple weeks, I've been keeping in contact with the stations that have been spinning our album.  Music directors have gone out of their way to express what a good job you guys do and how professional Tinderbox is.  One even went on to say that we made an excellent choice to work with you.  I felt it appropriate to pass this on to you guys at Tinderbox and send you a genuine thanks from the EFC crew.  We're glad to be teamed up with you and your efforts are certainly appreciated."
Eleven Fingered Charlie

"Thanks so much for your help during my visit to Nashville. Having the chance to meet with an established manager, publisher, producer, songwriter, publicist, etc. (the list goes on and on ;~) was invaluable experience, to say the least. From talking to Josh Rouse, to writing with Earl Bud Lee, and having Chris Grainger and his friends in the Flecktones hear and appreciate my songs, I was able to learn information that would have been utterly inaccessible without you on my team. It was a crucial week that literally is affecting the course of my life for the better: working with your team has given me exactly the boost and the advice I need right now to effectively move forward.
Eternally grateful,"
Chris Volpe

"Jon- GREAT seeing you last week. You have truly one of the most amazing staffs out there. Every single one absolutely gives a s#!t about what they do and about helping the artist. Kudos."
"Notorious" Liz Cousins
Notorious Radio
"Hey Brandon, Just wanted to write and say a quick thanks for all the work you did promoting my album to radio.  I'm really happy with how it went and will keep in touch with you all as soon as I decide what to do from here.  thanks again and looking forward to talking with ya soon."
Jeff Metil

“First of all let me thank you for all your help...the Mud Creek Jamboree benefit was a huge success for us...we did much better than we expected for our first year...we raised a lot of money! So we were all so pleased about it all! THANK YOU for all your hard work! So that's it...thanks again so much for all your help and donations Krista it made a big difference!
Tina Schlieske
"Krista-So much press!!! This is all from the last batch you sent out for us?! Your strike rate is awesome. Thanks for doing all this Krista!!!"
Aaron Pollock
Quarter Acre Lifestyle
"This is crazy... I was skeptical about college radio and you proved me wrong bro. Thanks."
Chan Poling
The New Standards
"AWESOME.  Super great.  Thank you Krista.  You Rock! xo"
Jessy Greene
"Thanks so much, Krista and Grant! I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you are doing and have done for The Great Depression. We're all excited to see Unconscious Pilot finally released and we really appreciate your help. Thank you for your promotion and expertise."
Todd Casper
The Great Depression

"Great work!  You have no idea (or maybe you do) how wonderful it is to have information reported from the road in a timely and organized fashion!  Jim and Mike are very thankful and pleased."
Douglas Smith
Little Big Man MGT / Mike Doughty

"Krista.  Wow.  You're a zealot!  Thanks for the thorough update.  Holy canvas of the H-dogs world to date, batman!  Nice work...I have enjoyed your enthusiasm, appreciated your responsiveness to my questions and have been impressed by your knowledge of press and media.  You've been one of the few we have been able to count on."
Adam Levy
The Honeydogs

“I just wanted to thank yall so much for your hard work! It's been a pleasure working with you guys and I hope to work with yall again in the near future. I will be telling all the bands down here about what a great job you do!!! Yeah Tinderbox, you’re the best!!!!! Thank you so much for kickin’ butt!   I'm just so thrilled with how Camper Van Beethoven is doing to College radio! Thanks again for all of yall's hard work.”
Velena Vego
pitch-a-tent records

"God, it's satisfying to see a well-oiled machine in action.  Thanks for this and all the other terrific things you've done for us!"
Matt Wilson
Trip Shakespeare / the Flops

"I just received a THANK YOU from Cake and their management for the set up on the on-site sales and aftershow signing that all of you participated in, and I want to pass along my own THANK YOU to all of you.  We wouldn't be able to make these events successful without you and your staffs professionalism while out selling.  Once again THANK YOU!"
Jason Gula
Sony*BMG Music Entertainment

"I just wanted to give a special thanks to Krista and Grant. Last night's show was probably my best to date and I owe an awful lot to you two for helping put out the disc. I couldn't believe the turnout was so great. You guys totally rocked in the publicity department. :) Thanks again for all the hard work. This is really just amazing and is blowing my mind. Anyway, the whole night just went great- just like I had imagined. Thanks so much."
Jeremy Messersmith

"Hey man, POPPIES was on the Real World last night, and they now put up the name of the band and song on the screen during the show. We received 1100 plays on Myspace for one day.... good news ! Totally awesome Thanks!"
Flying Machines

"Krista, all i can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! You are astounding! Thanks a lot!!!! I can't tell you how much we appreciate all you've done and will do. You are good at your job! Thank you so much!"
The Small Cities

"Hi Krista, I just wanted to send you a quick thanks for the great work on our CD Release show, it was well worth it!  Lotsa good press, and a great turnout. Looking forward to working with you again!"

"We don't mean to blow too much smoke up your arse (or arses collectively) but you all at Tinderbox have really stepped up to the plate for us and we don't forget it. Cheers."
Strix Vega

"Hey Jon, hope all is well. I got our last radio report and I honestly don't think it could have gone any better. You guys did a great job and our music did better at college radio than I ever expected, so thanks for convincing me. I have already mentioned your company to everyone who has asked me about college radio. I'll never work with or recommend AAM again! :)"
Chris Howerton
North Street Records

"Thanks a lot for working the album Brandon!  It's great working with you and your team at Tinderbox."
Brad Hammonds

"I've worked with SXSW and other events and I've never dealt  with a more professional, friendly, and accomodating group of people.  It  was our pleasure having you guys. Let's do it again!  Please pass my thanks along to everyone!"
Jason Carrier, Owner/Operator
The Chuggin' Monkey

"We're still enjoying the success of being played on an episode of The Real World.  I just wanted to say thanks for your hard work in making that happen. It's been just over a week since the original airing of The Real World and fortunately, the show's popularity and continuous rerun policy has put us on the national stage for a full week. Since the airing, our MySpace plays increased from an average of 200 hits a day to 2,000 hits a day.  Within the first 4 days we sold over 800 songs on iTunes and the numbers are continuing to grow.  It's been really fun and the exposure has been great! Can't wait for the next one!"

"Keith, Awesome bro I am so excited to see those results and it's great how you guys keep pushing it all this time. I think it's been one of the best steps we have made, going with you guys.  We will definitely use the digis for press, btw. We are quite certain we want to proceed with Brian (booking agent) and I will be speaking to him on Monday to get more details. It's an amazing oppurtunity and I can't thank you enough for the referral. Tinderbox has been the best decision we have ever made."
Kevin Compton
Last American Buffalo

"I wanted to extend my warmest thanks for all you have done for me these past several weeks.  The show was very successful, and I simply could not have done it without you. Hearting you all in the face,"
Owen Sartori

"Jon and Brandon,you guys have done a bang up job for us and we all really appreciate it.  Just dropping you a line to say that we have bronken through in certain areas of the business simply because of your hard work. You guys should be proud of what you're doing and I will not hesitate to tell anyone who needs radio and tv promotion about Tinderbox.  In this business of shysters and shady deals, Tinderbox is truly a reminder that good business and good people still exist out there. Good show."
Geoff Townsend

"Hey Keith, I wanted to drop you an excited line about our recent placement on "The Bad Girls Club." They used a *ton* of our song "Big City Life For a Small Town Girl," with vocals and everything, and they chopped it up and put it back together to fit a particular scene *to a T*... it was great! So great that we've gotten a lot of MySpace friend requests (and they all have that song playing on their profile), including one from Cordelia, an actual Bad Girl! How cool is that?  And I think a lot of those people are buying our CD on iTunes, too :-)
Hold For Swank

"Hey Jon, I hate to clog up your email because I know there has been alot of back and forth - but wanted to make sure to send you an official thank you!!!!!  Thank you so very much for coming out to my show at SXSW, for spending some time with me, and for all the auxiliary introductions over the weekend!!!  Everyone at Tinderbox has been amazing to work with - and it was just awesome to have the whole team out at my show for support!!! I am truly grateful!!!  I can't wait to see where we go next!  Thank you again and again - so excited to see my career take flight!
Christiane Szabo

"Thanks again Brandon....you ARE the Radio tracking GOD!!!!!!!  Hail Brandon....Hail Brandon."
The Nods

"Krista, both you and Grant, your enthusiasm and ability to jump on and help us throughout the last 5 or so years has helped keep us going."
Adam Levy

"Hi Jon, I want to thank you for setting up all of those great meetings in Nashville, Jake and I really enjoyed meeting everyone, and checking out the hoppin' city.  I know your schedule is very busy, so taking the time to introduce us was really nice of you.  We all appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for A.V.U."
Jackie Gates
A Verse Unsung

"Thanks Krista.  The show went really well!  Having the Split Enz, The Clean, Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno mentioned in our review is more than we could ask for.  Nice work Krista!!!!  We got an amazing response from a lot of people we had not seen before, which is a result of the work you guy’s have done for us. It was great to see Brandon at the show.  Great to hear about the Cities 97 air play!!"
Aaron Pollock
Quarter Acre Lifestyle

"Hi Jon, I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU (all caps...) and let you know how eternally grateful I am for all that you've done for me. I get the feeling you don't hear this as often as you should...This has been a great year and much of it is due to your time and hard work. Really. Also, just so you know, I tell everyone I know that you and Tinderbox totally rock.  I also checked out The Silent Years, really great songs, singer, and band.  I dig the Radiohead-esque bands. I'd say you know how to pick em.  I'm starting to plan my trip to Nashville, January 8-16. Looking forward to it. Re: an email I got from Jaell, I'd love to check out SXSW this year and join you in Austin if possible.  Best to you."
Chris Volpe

"Thanks so much Krista for going above and beyond time and time again.
The Small Cities

"Tinderbox is one of the best things we've done for our music so far.  Jon is extremely dedicated and passionate about indie music and it shows in everything he does. Brandon is very experienced in radio and as a result we got lots of college radio airplay and CMJ chartings!  Tinderbox rocks!"
The Mary Dream

"And of course, hell yeah I will call you for a beer when ever I'm in the Twins. I have your cell, and I believe so do you. I loved talking to you. You were my favorite, and pulled me through the year man, I'm serious. Peace"

"I'd call you but it's after 5:30pm so I didn't want to keep you in the office, but let me tell you that I am VERY happy with what you have done.  Breaking the Top 200 was all I was hoping for and you did it. The band has ben doing radio interviews last week and this week as well as station ID's for those stations AND i'm still getting thank you emails from the stations we sent ID's to weeks ago. People on vacations and such.  Overall, I think the campaign was a success and I'm very pleased.  You did everything you said you would and more.  Tinderbox will be working all Opulent Releases and I will continue spreading the word about your great work.  Thank you Brandon, Jon and everyone else that helped. This was a very successful start to whats still to come."
 Jason Appleton
Opulent Records Music

"I just wanted to drop you an email, and thank you (as well as Tinderbox) for all your hardwork on this radio campaign.  Overall, I am very happy with the results.  I have been in contact with many Music Directors, recorded some Station IDs as well as scheduling some future in-studio performances and PR for my next tour.  I'll definitely keep you posted as things develop.  Again, thank you!"
Gypsy George
Open Road Love Affair

"Krista, I’m super psyched about working with you guys again! It’s so awesome about the ideas you’ve got going for us…you are one true believer, lady! I really appreciate all the work you’ve done for us, you guys rawk!"
Jeaneen Gautheir

"Tinderbox, we just want to say thank you to you and your interns, not only for selling our CD’s for us at our shows but also for all your kind words and support. You guys are the greatest!"
Adam, Aaron, and Sarah

"Hey keith... we don't just like you we LOVE the Tinderbox Crew... & recliners love isn't just dished out to anyone :)"

"Just got back from NAMM in LA and those TV licenses came just in time. When I was talking with artist relations people at different manufacturers the letters “MTV” instantly changed the vibe of the conversation. One pedal company I love said on the spot they would send me artist pricing. So… had to send you an email to say thanks for everything you’ve been doing for me lately. I did a lot of research before choosing Tinderbox and I’m happy to say it paid off! Not only are you and your staff awesome to work with but the results you’ve been getting are undoubtedly helping me reach the next level. Between the radio promotion, TV licenses and SXSW gig I’m happy to say “money well spent.” Feel free post this on your site or send to prospective clients so I can say the following: I’ve worked on many levels of the music industry. There are a lot of crooks in this biz and the lower you are the more crooked they become. This is my personal unsolicited testimony – Tinderbox is the real deal!! If you’re music is good they will get it out there and do right by the artist. You can’t ask for much more…"

"Krista- I just want to tell you how extremely grateful I am, for all that you've been doing for us the past couple of months...the work you did is turning into more contacts and future shows, and the three of us are very excited with how things are going.  I hope you have a great weekend Krista!!!"
Ryan Lee

"THANKS for everything that you have done and continue to do for The Hang Ups  and The Great Depression.  The press your getting us is amazing! Thanks again Krista, you guys seriously rock!"
Chadwick Nelson
The Hang Ups & The Great Depression

"Krista, I can not thank you enough for all of the efforts you have been making to get my music out to new people- and for being candid with me about things.  It was great hearing the track on the Current today, and I am very excited for the shows coming up this month that you invited me to play.  James Diers sent me an e-mail saying he was listening to the disc.  So, more thanks!"
Chris Koza

"Tinderbox are one of the few companies left who actually do what they say they'll do."
Liz Cousins
Notorious Radio

"At WPCX, a lot of us are really digging Peter's album. It is a really strong album that is just a joy to listen to. I would really like a copy. Also, i know this is asking a lot, but could you send two other
copies? Our station advisor would like one for him(as i said a LOT of us are digging the album) and another one for the other people in the station to have. Also, Will Peter be going on tour this fall? If so, we are interested in maybe booking a show at our campus. Thanks for the e-mail, and we will continue to support Peter's album. He was by far the most played artist this week, and we expect it to continue."
Whilden Nettles

"Hey Tinderbox, awesome job.  Great service, everything I heard about you and your company is true.  Rockin'!"
Little King

"Hey Brandon!  You are the man.  Thanks for the results.  You guys are doing a GREAT job for us...we could not be more satisfied.  Don't need anything from you right now, as the results are pretty easy to understand.  We will anxiously await the "thank you" list and get right on it when we receive it.  Let us know if you need anything (bourbon, etc...).  Thanks!"

"Thanks again, you and the Tinderbox staff have really been a delight to work with and have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt your validity and ability to get the job done.  I am very happy I chose you and will recommend you to all that I can."
The Likes of Which

"regarding tinderbox... they were fantastic to work with and all-around good guys who i felt right away that i could trust to work the record properly. i used to work in radio promo out in L.A. and it's a dirty business, but tinderbox was cool at every step, emailed me thorough reports, were easy to get on the phone when i had questions and even helped me to customize a campaign that i felt best fit our current needs. if you're looking to get into college radio on any scale, they're the best outfit i've worked with to date."
Curtis Grubb
Grasshopper Takeover

"What a press COUP!
I can't say thank you enough for all of you work and support you guys give to us.  You are the most selfless people in this thankless biz today.  The show was an unbridled success thanks in large part to your efforts.  Again, GRAZIE MILLE!!!"
Brian Halverson
The Honeydogs

"Wow Jon, it’s going to take me weeks to get through all this—what kind of energy source are you tapping into? Let me in on it... And working Sundays... Please take care of yourself.  Anyway, thank you so much! Did I mention I had a good conversation with Brian the other day? I will follow up again tomorrow. It’s a long shot for us to play SXSW, but why not try? I will be in touch with questions, etc. I really appreciate all the help. Tomorrow we’re in the studio again. Can’t wait for you to hear the new stuff...
Be well."
Girl Friday

“Hi Brandon, I couldn't agree with you more about that Bridge Club release!! I am playing it on my morning show, the Minnesota Music Scene is playing it too - it is awesome. I also really like Terramara. VERY Steely dan, which makes it an awesome fit for our late morning, afternoon play.The It's, and Jon Fritz are also catching some spins.  Thanks for the great releases!!"
Shelley Pierce
KMSU 89.7 fm

"Dear Tinderbox Music, We wanted to write to you and let you know how happy we are with your company and what you've done for us.  Everyone that we have ever dealt with has being nothing but friendly and helpful. All the radio reports were very thorough and exciting to keep track of.  We were so happy to be being played at college radio stations all across the country. I also thought that we should share with you some of the direct results of working with Tinderbox.  A DJ at the University Of Oregon, where our CD was sent to, took it upon himself to tell people in the music industry about our band.  He also sent us an email that contained a list of people and publications he thought we should send our CD to.  One person he contacted was Bruce Brodeen (president of Not Lame Records) This resulted in getting us into the Not Lame Records catalog.  This in turn lead to the president of Not Lame notifying a colleague of his (David Bash) who writes reviews for Amplifier, Goldmine and Bucket Full of Brains, and several other industry publications.   We sent a press kit to David Bash who then notified us that he was the coordinator of International Pop Overthrow.  He like the CD and invited us to perform at IPO in Chicago, something that we have always dreamed of doing!  All of this started with your hard work and we wanted to thank you.  Perhaps, this is something that you can share with other bands to let them know haw fantastic your company is! Thank you again, we look forward to working with you on future projects.”
Adam Marshall
The Humbugs

"Tinderbox is by far the best promotional investment we have made to date. In an industry where it can be hard to know who to trust, the people at Tinderbox have proven to be the cream of the crop and have gone out of their way to help us - we can't imagine life as a band without them."

Casey Call
Pictures of Then
"Hey Krista, Thanks for the Radio Report!  It looks great!  I'm glad we're working w/you guys and that we're a priority @ Tinderbox.  We were very fortunate to stay @ the Tinderbox office while in MN. The couches we're great and you Krista were very helpful and generous!  Let me tell you that was hands down the best place we stayed while on tour."
The Safes

"Hi Jon.  Just wanted to say thanks. Because of you a nice thing happened to me this week. I got my first ever BMI check. Cute little thing. $111. But I had imagined I might never see one of any size. So that was very cool for me. And it wouldn't have happened without hooking up with you. It was for college and XM airplay Q3 '05.   So I just wanted to say thanks again. Seriously. You have made the biggest difference of anything I've done since the record came out.   Thanks, man."
David Levin

"When I ask other musicians about Tinderbox.  They ALWAYS have a positive response!  I have never heard anyone who has anything but absolute respect and positivity to associate with all of your hard work.  What's not to love?!  Just thought you'd like to know…Thanks for making things happen for our band too!"
Troy Alexander
Scott Laurent Band

“Thanks Tinderbox Music. You guys are doing a great job!  We couldn't be happier with you! - you've done a bang-up job. Thanks kindly for all the hard work. The CD charted real well in a bunch of places & definitely got a lot of new ears on the high highs.     PS…David Lowery told me that if you ever make it down to Richmond he'll personally escort you around town in a rickshaw as a "thank you" from pitch-a-tent.”
Steve Koester
Koester (pitch-a-tent records artist)

"Hey Krista!  I just kind of wanted to say thanks to you, Grant and Brandon for all the hard work. Already, I've done way better than I ever expected and I owe a lot of that to you and everyone at Tinderbox. Enjoy the poster. :)"
Jeremy Messersmith 

"Hey Brandon, Checked out the Bridge Club CD, thanks for sending it!  I really liked the crunchy guitars and hard-hitting drums.  Nothing like some rock to wake me up on a monday.  Keep sending us your new stuff, we like all things indie :-) "

"Hey Krista, Greetings I, for one, am super excited. I'm so glad I met you. I think you pretty much have the best reputation of anyone I've met in the biz. Cool!"
Chris Dorn
The Beatifics

"Brandon! Wow man, really impressive!!! Thanks for sending this along and thanks for your hard work! So cool to see these great results. The band will be stoked. Keep up whatever it is you're doing... yahoooo!  Thanks dude."
Jason Spooner

"Yo!  Got the packet.  Looks like you've covered every type of contact Consumption is interested in.  I'd like to take you up on the offer for some direction on the matters at hand...if ya don't mind.  Thanx again for everything.  Please pass along that it's truly been a pleasure working with you guys!"
Gina Turner

"Brandon, Thanks for sending your great stuff our way!"
Reed Loar

"Krista, I wanted to drop you a line aside from all of the questions and phone calls.  I am so gracious to you and your staff at Tinderbox for the professional and exuberant attitude you have always shown to me while gearing up for our promotional campaign.  Your advice and help in putting together the press kits saved me so much time, and I cannot express enough how important that is to me. It is a pleasure to walk into your office and be greeted with a smile and stunning work ethic.  I feel we have put our first release in good hands, and I know that Tinderbox will serve us well; the rest is up to us. I know it's early in the running, but I already have much to be thankful for from Tinderbox and look forward to our continued relationship throughout this release and beyond. Thank you."
Aaron Pruitt
The Rakes

“I just want to thank you for all the work you're doing for my record. Looks like people really like it!  Those charts are all pretty exciting :) Thanks a lot for keeping me informed, too!”
Daniel Rickard
VIVA (pitch-a-tent records artist)

 “Tinderbox, I'll encourage the guys to respond to you in person but I know I speak for all of us when I say thanks to you and everyone at Tinderbox for all the hard work and amazing results. For a project that started on some basement tapes, it has evolved into something we never expected and Tinderbox has been the last great step. One we're happy we made. We're already trying to figure out a way to do it all over again.”
David Richardson

“Jon & Krista, I enjoyed very much talking to both of you yesterday! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to sit down with me... I understand your time is valuable (and limited). Krista, thanks again for showing a music biz newbie (me) a few of "the ropes", especially with interpreting the CMJ charting rules.  Wow!  *so* helpful! Just wanted to thank you. You have got a good business!”
Chris Dales
Seconds Before

"Jon, I hope all is well.  I just wanted to drop a quick note thanking you for the generous amount of time you gave me when I was in MN.  I know your time is at a premium and it is wanted by a great amount of people."
Souls For Rent

“Krista, thanks for all the help with promoting the BLB show.  The benefit of involving you and Grant and your army of interns is that you are experienced at the publicity game; you have a lot of professional connections which you have built over time; you are organized and very thorough, and you remind me of all the little things that I could be doing...So, thanks for all the results."
Pete Hofmann

"Grant, we all want to say that we think you did a tremendous job.  We intend on doing another  campaign in the summer and we hope that you will work you magic for us again when the time  comes.  Maybe we could talk further about how we can really crack the top 200.  Anyway, we just  wanted to let you know that we seriously appreciate your help."
Ryan Nick and Cry

“Jon, It was GREAT to meet you, Andrew, and everyone else in Nashville and Kentucky.  Holt and I had a blast, and we learned a lot about the business in just a few days.  We're all studying up now - I'm speed-reading that "Everything You Need to Know About the Music Business" book, among other things.  The business side is very interesting, who knows, it might be something I would want to focus on later on.  So thanks again for setting this up, it was a very valuable trip and I think we met some folks we want to add to our team for this next project."
Matt Harrison

"Thank you, Krista, Jon and Tinderbox! For the fruit of your labors… Thanks for all the help with press. Tinderbox Music, you complete me...”
Tony Parks

"Who rocks?  G rocks!  Grant, you are surely the best!  Thank you."
Eric Fawcett
Spymob/Olympic Hopefuls/Storyhill

"Krista you rock. Thanks for all your help with press. I appreciate you and your amazing skills of course!  As I said before...You rock.”
John Solomon
Friends Like These

"Jon, Dan here from Madras.  Most excellent meeting you at SxSW.  Many thanks for putting the whole thing in motion and giving us a chance to play and join in on the festivities in Austin.  It rocked.  We're really interested in playing Indianapolis for the Midwest Music Summit/NAMM thing!  Hopefully we can make that a reality.  In the meantime, thanks again.  Your help has been much appreciated.  Take care and keep in touch."

"We work with Andrew and Brandon at TinderboX.  They did a fantastic job for us on our first album.  We made the Top 20 Adds and charted several places.  They have relationships with the stations and understand the format of each one.  When you are sending out 400 CDs, you want to make sure you are sending them to someone who actually might play them.  Andrew and Brandon are both very
accessible and professional.  We were all very happy with the job they did for us on our first album -- so much so, we are already in talks with them about a promtional campaign for our second release due out March 2006.  If you are going to do college radio, I would highly recommend TinderboX.  If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! 
Best of Luck!"
Tish Meeks
3 Kisses

"Dude, you guyz FRIGGIN ROCK!!!  I knew when Rhonda told us about your firm that it'd be great!!"
Wayne Mitzen
Jon Fritz

"The Real World? Wow thats awsome! I wish I got more emails like this.  A little bittersweet but exciting just the same. :)  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You Rock."
Ryan Seitz

"Thanks again for your help Jon, and your whole team, we are lucky to work with TinderboX."
Chris Sarvak
Patient Zero

“Wow, well I'm really happy with my radio results. Thanks for explaining it all to me, makes me feel really apart of it.  Sometimes when I do this music stuff, either the studio musician I hire, or the producer, just goes off and does his thing without explaining the deal. I really appreciate you keeping me in the loop on all this.  Really, it means a lot.  I've recommended you guys to a lot of people.  I'm very happy with how things have gone.  Thank you Tinderbox!"
Sarah Lentz

“Hey Jon, the packages are getting a tremendous response.  We're hearing from people all over.  They all really love the package.  Woo hoo!  Press is really paying attention, and tour shows are really heating up...!!  Thanks again for all your help”
The Rockwells

“Thanks to Tinderbox for doing a very nice job working our first CD!  Please convey our gratitude to your staff.  We truly appreciated your responsiveness and professionalism throughout. Peace.”
Jon Caspi
Boss Gremlin

"The report looks solid.  From my count we are in varying degrees of rotation on 234 stations!  I think this is really, really good.  Cheers and thanks for all your hard work!"
Todd Herfindal

"Hey Jon,  first off thanks to everyone at TBox for everything.  Also thanks to you personally for all the help you have given us, and the new perspective that we now have on things.  You are the man!!!  Like I said, we can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us."
North To Emerson

"A lot of things are happening for our band right now, and im sure more are to come. But alot of this wouldnt have happened with out you or Tinderbox.  We love you guys!!  New material should be coming your way in the fall.  If you liked our last cd I know you'll be impressed with my next one! Hope your summer is rockin!"
David Loving
Solace Sovay

“Tinderbox, It has been a pleasure working with you.  Thanks for all your extra help with our tracking and such!  We really appreciate it! Great Job!”
Jake Englund
Sue Generis

"This is Mike with Remedy Motel.  We used Jon and the Tinderbox crew for the college radio promotion of our first album.  It went very well and we were happy with the results.  We were added to nearly 300 radio stations, charted in several markets, and were noted in CMJ as one of the top 15 adds for our week.  Their staff seems to have good conections throughout the country, at least in the college/community type radio stations that we were targeting at the time, and are very professional.  I give them a great deal of the credit for pushing the album since we were a completely unknown band in nearly every market we were added.  In comparison, we decided to use someone else for our second album to push for a more localized approach that would help support our recent tour.  The results could not have been more different, and made me accutely aware of how good Tinderbox really was.  We are going to use them again for our third album, and I feel secure recommending them to you."
Remedy Motel

"Thanks Tinderbox SO much for working SO hard on the phone this past couple of weeks.  I’m spreading the word already about how good of a job you are doing, I’m going to refer a couple of folks your way when they are ready to go to radio!”
Dane Adrian

"Brandon, It's been a pleasure, MY PLEASURE!!  And I have to admit that I'm sad that this is done.  It really added joy and excitement to my day, and hope for my future.  I'll definetly check in with Jon to get advice as per what he would recommend to be next in the "game plan". You guys have been such a pleasure, and have shed such a positive light on what some people call a cut-throat industry! Thank you again and again and again!!!  And I hope to work with you again in the near future!"
Flo :)

"Jon, just wanted to drop you an email to say thanks for all of the great advice you've given us thus far!  We really do appreciate all the "golden nuggets" of information that you've already provided for us.  The entire band is in appreciation of you and all of the Tinderbox staff.  Thanks again!
Ryan Diegel
Tracey*s Alibi

“I just wanted to thank you for all my radio charting information and hard work! It’s awesome! …Thanks Tinderbox!”
Emily Easterly

“Tinderbox…I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be working with you guys!!! Thank you! Thank you for starting your business, and running it the way it should be run!! =) You've all been so on top of everything! Luck for years!!!”
All the Pretty Horses

“Tinderbox ! I wanted to tell you that we are all super excited that we made the top 20 list and the AAA list..  We were crossing our fingers and hoping to do well, but we were surprised at how well everything worked out.  Thanks for all of your help, we appreciate it!”
Bill Blaszczak

“Krista, Thank you very much for the encouraging conversation.  I have to tell you that if the rest of the music industry treated PEOPLE the way you do, the world would be a finer place to live.  You are a rarity, and I hope we have the pleasure working with you in the future.”
Daniel Williams
Halo Effect

 “It's always good to have Krista and the T-Box Xplosion in your corner when you're out there doin' it."
Pete Hofmann

“Tinderbox Music, I just wanted to write and say thanks again for all your hard work on our CD! I think you did an exceptional job, and I really appreciate the extra promotion after our time had expired. We definitely hope to work with all of you on the next record. Thanks.”
Todd Reubold
Halo Effect

“Hello Jon and Krista…AMERICAN CHILLS charted #15 on the CMJ Top 20 ADDS for this week! Hopefully, this is only the beginning. We are beyond psyched!  Thanks to all the busy-bodies at Tinderbox Music for making it look so easy. Oh so cool! We're freaking out about the CMJ charts! Thanks for all the updates and forwarded emails!  I never thought it would take off so well!  It's so awesome.  I mean, I can't believe how quick things are happening with CMJ.  Who knew, except maybe Krista and Jon!  Thank you for all the work you've put into our radio push.  It is really cool to be a new band on the college radio scene.  Not that we don't work hard, but we all know that we couldn't have done this without you.  Thanks again and keep us posted, as always. This is awesome!” 
Amy Owsley
American Chills

"Much thanks to Tinderbox for all the hard work - 198, 178, 151, 162 is some fine time on the CMJ chart! We were surprised just to be on it, let alone for more than one week. We will be putting out a new album either this fall or this winter - hopefully radio stations and their MD's will remember us based on our current release when the new cd comes out. Of course we'll be seeking Tinderbox services for radio and promotion. Thanks again for all the hard work, and for the remaining work as things run down. Dave would say the same if he weren't in Peru right now."
Brock Davis
Work of Saws

"Hey Jon!  What can I say.. You have out done yourself again. I can't believe how much we came away with yesterday. It was worth every minute of the cold drive.  Make sure you let everyone know how much Model One appreciates them and everything you guys do for this band. We are looking forward to a very long relationship with you. Now I have to go... some people up in Minneapolis gave me a lot of work to do. Thanks Again!"
Model One

"Jon Delange's boys at Tinderbox have been an enormous windfall for me and mine.  They've been there every step of the way, even beyond our initial radio blitz.  The motto of T-box seems to be "Once a client, always a client".  Months after the initial blitz, and I still get emails with this opportunity or that from the Delange-ians.  They're always looking out for the little guy.  Thanks for everything guys!"
 JP Corwyn

"Grant, Wow, this is really great. Thank you very much the on-line sales service. Things appear to be working to perfection. I am extremely impressed with how easy this was. Tinderbox in general is providing a great service for indie bands on many levels. The company has my sincerest praise. The band looks forward to working more with you guys down the road."
Chris Hornisch
Urban Sun

"Tinderbox , I'm so impressed with your work! I'm really shocked that we did so well. Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort.  I hope this is the beginning of a long and record breaking run up the charts for us and a Tinderbox success story that will help reel in the big money clients! PS. You Rule!"
Ryan Seitz

"Thanks a lot for all your hard work getting this off the ground. I think the radio response has been amazing so far. Better that we had expected. Please extend our deepest appreciation to everyone else at the office for there hard work."
Chris Pavlich

"Tinderbox Music, Thanks for all you have done and are doing!!!!! I’ve said it before and I will say it again, you guys kick ass!!!!!"
Ryan Smith
The Melismatics

"Just a note to say that you are soooooooooooo great!  I certainly appreciate your support. Krista and Grant are so down to earth and supportive...it is nice. Thanks a lot!"
Sarah Jane
Pleasant Stitch

"Thanks for talking with me last night Jon! It was so good for me to hear concrete, absolute solutions and advice. Like I've told Krista, I don't know what 2024 would do without Tinderbox. Thanks again!"
Lindsay Sumrow
2024 Records

"Thank you Tinderbox for all your help.  You have been refreshingly helpful, especially in this business!  We have heard nothing but good things about Tinderbox everywhere we go.  We will look forward to working with you on promotions as soon as the CD is completed. Thanks a million!"
Brad Wiener

"Tinderbox, Thank you for sending us a few reports even after our tracking period was over--it is greatly appreciated--we actually got invited out to Tacoma, WA (KCCR) to play a show, so everything is looking good.  We're back in the studio in December with some new & better material! Hopefully Tinderbox can be a big part in promoting it.  Thanks again for helping us out."
Ryan McKeown
Almost There

"Krista, I just wanted to thank you for setting us up in Minneapolis. I really enjoyed our conversation this afternoon as well. I feel lucky when I meet nice people through this band who seem to genuinely love what they do and are passionate about music. Thanks for being that."
Eric Graf 

 "Krista, It was really nice meeting you last week.  It makes me happy to know that we are working with someone who loves and appreciates music and bands so much.  I really appreciated hearing about your plans for promotion."
Laura Harley

"Jon, I don't know where to begin. You and your staff at Tinderbox have been nothing but phenomenal!!!   You have done everything you said your would do from beginning to end.  Jon I mostly appreciate you always having time to speak with me and you answered any question i had. I wish everyone in the business was like that.  The people that I have met through you have been helpful, professional, honest and hardworking just like you and your staff. I wish I had met you guys years ago!!!  I would tell anyone who needs help with there music if you are serious Tinderbox is the company to use they will bust there ass for you and most of all... No B.S.!!!!  Heres to a long marriage!!!  Thank You Again."
Lisa Williams

"Krista, Thank you, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!  I can't type those two words enough times to express my gratitude to you and your staff.  Time and time again you have come through for us with overwhelming generosity and kindness.  I have been playing music in this town for a few years and since that time I haven't met anyone or any group of people that has been this helpful and this caring towards local music.  I am sure that our band would not be where it is today without your help.  Thank you all very much." 
Adam Marshall

"Tinderbox, Thank you very much for you’re generous offer. As a business owner myself I can really appreciate Tinderbox Music’s commitment to customer service and excellence. I would not hesitate to use your services again or recommend you to others…and it’s not even our add date yet!! Thanks again!"
Rob Solberg
Sunhill Records

"Krista, thank you for the work you've done, I appreciate your conviction and work ethic. Thanks for helping me out and getting me the slot on Monday Night Live sounds like a great opportunity.  Also, thank you for the "online/e-zine" tips ... and for thinking of me in regards to it, I very much appreciate it."
John Starkey

"I just wanted to extend my (our) sincere thanks for all the work you've done for us thus far. You all are consummate professionals, extremely knowledgeable and are a huge ray of hope and promise for us. It's been a great pleasure working with you. Again, thanks a million!"
Brent Robbins
Waking State

"Hey Brandon and Grant, as erik stated in his last email we are very grateful for the amazing college radio airplay and contacts you've helped to establish for the strange. we are now on the map, a viable band to many of the college radio music directors, dj's and their respective audiences. we sense a tremendous shift in momentum with this exposure. the positive feedback has been terrific!"
Brent McKay
The Strange

"Krista, the showcase went unbelievably well!  We sold the room out! Bryant Lake Bowl was pleased as we were! Thanks again for hooking us up with the venue and all the publicity. We’re excited about the future and working with Tinderbox!"
Nathan Roise
2024 Records

"Thank you for looking after our shit the way you have.  Without you there would be zero promo and merchandising.  You are true gems and will be rewarded either in this life or the next.  By the way, I was talking with Dan and Matt and we're taking you out for drinks after the new year."
John Munson
Semisonic / the Flops / The New Standards

"You are the MAAAAAANNN!"
Tim Buzza

"Tinderbox, thanks again for helping out with the press AND for extending our radio campaign!  We really appreciate it!  You guys rock!"
Patrick O'Malley
The Safes

"Thanks to your efforts we charted in states too numerous to regale here. We were offered and accepted several licensing deals (ones that will keep that band cash positive for a good long while)
Love and Tentacles"
The BroKen ToYS

"Hey Krista, That's wonderful!  You guys have been great to us."
The Bleeding Hickeys

"Jon, I want to thank you again for hooking us up and referring us to Anthony!  Things are picking up for us, we have 15 dates now on the books and I know it is because of the push at radio.  Tinderbox Rocks!!!"
Andrew Hooker

"I would like to thank the team at Tinderbox, especially Jon and Brandon,  for there incredible help on my College Radio Campaign. It was one of the best decisions I have made so far in my career. Jon went above and beyond to help, guide and connect me in this ever so elusive music world as an independent artist. I cannot thank him enough. I thouroughly recommend Tinderbox to any artist who desires to work with a professional & hard-working team that will truly believe in you as an artist. Tinderbox Rocks!"
Noush Skaugen

"You can call yourselves the Fantastic Four...my heroes."
Karen Swederlow
Sad Girl