Something Worth Fighting For

01. promise me
02. iloveyouwithacrash

03. over and over
04. tell you i
05. oh, hopeful
06. make us see
07. an ending or beginning
08. a breath, a lie
09. face of love
10. something worth fighting for

FCC Clean
Suggested Tracks: 4, 1, 2, 10


Schaeffer has released their anticipated sophomore record Something Worth Fighting For. A concept album at it's core, SWFF is one singular piece of art, one collection of individual songs that stand alone while simultaneously working together to tell a single, complete story.  Schaeffer 2nd studio record is changing perspectives and standards for independent music.

Brothers Bryon, Nolan, and Daniel Rossi have put together a record that is both artistically beautiful and emotionally powerful, a record that is impossible to listen to casually. Engaging the listener and pulling them inside the lives of two people going through a life-altering crisis, Something Worth Fighting For is a touching and unforgettable listening experience.

Schaeffer has brazenly staked their claim in the independent music world with this project. They've found something important. Something transcendent. Something special. Something hopeful. Something Worth Fighting For.



"...It's a gutsy and creative concept album put together by three brothers who, in writing it, may have unwittingly raised the bar for themselves and other young rock bands... "


Something Worth Fighting For
Something Worth Fighting For is the sophomore album from Detroit band of brothers Schaeffer, and they're looking to fill the gaping void in music left by, er, The Fray. And Snow Patrol. A collection of songs which ostensibly tell the story of a couple who have a car crash, their recovery and the toll it takes on their relationship, the album's chief impact is to demonstrate how a somewhat interesting concept can be rendered null by insipid songwriting and over-earnest pretensions.
The album is produced in a clean enough, sterile enough way to make it sound like the band are destined for 7pm V festival slots, and the vocals are on-key throughout. But the band fail ultimately because of a lack of imagination and a lack of musical ideas to drive their music forwards. Lyrically, the songs are dull as ditchwater, engaging in Radio 2-friendly "emotion" with lines like "We could find something bigger than what’s in both our eyes, and we’ll fly farther than we ever could realize", from opener Promise Me. The album continues in this manner throughout - each time Schaeffer seem like they are about to do something interesting and imaginative, they fall back on lazy and clichéd, sub-Matchbox 20 "soaring" choruses and "heartfelt" ballads. The effect of all of this is that the music passes through the ears without leaving anything much of a mark or an imprint; oh, Schaeffer is playing. Oh, Schaeffer has finished playing. What's next?
Somewhere, Gary Lightbody will be listening to this album with a smile on his face.

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Bryon, Nolan, and Danny Rossi are three brothers from Detroit, Michigan. Together they’re both a very close family, but also a very talented indie/pop band called Schaeffer. The band’s nature is a bit peculiar and contradicting at times, seeing how Schaeffer is considered by many an underground act, although they play a very open, honest and fresh pop rock. The thing is they play some really radio friendly music, without sounding mainstream (I’ll extrapolate a bit further soon) at all and this more then makes me thing the band could really make it big, in the near future.

Schaeffer’s latest material is the concept album “Something Worth Fighting For,” the follow-up a extremely well received and critically acclaimed debut, “No Ordinary People” (produced by Stephen Leiweke). Although the album isn’t particularly mind blowing, it’s still very good and when you consider the band had the courage to put out a concept release, you can’t help but appreciate their musicianship. Basically the whole album’s concept revolves around a car crash, broken relationships and lost love. The number of power ballads on the record may be a bit too high, but they do a great job in exposing the band’s best qualities. The more pop hooks, the better. Very curious, indeed, to see how the Rossi brothers will evolve in the following years.

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Schaeffer - Something Worth Fighting For
Rossi Music Group

On the casing for Schaeffer’s Something Worth Fighting For, there is a message that states: “This album is a story of two people on a journey... like most stories it is filled with joy, love, tragedy, loss, and hope.”

This is true, Schaeffer used this album as a means to tell a story, and they’ve done it well. However, their problem lies with incorporating this story into a worthwhile song. While they wrote a great story lyrically, the songs all suffer while trying to deliver it. In the course of telling the story, many of the songs repeat the same verses repetitively and each song seems to drag on forever.

Schaeffer’s music can be described in one word: boring. Most of the tracks just seem like they’re trying their hardest to be lively, which is something their (very average) vocalist is incapable of. The first track, “Promise Me,” sets the tone for the entire album; a tone that doesn’t waver or change at all for the most part. Songs that start off promisingly just end up falling into the same step that every other song on the album does. “A Breath, A Lie” is a prime example of this: starting off with an intriguing riff, it quickly falls into the same sound as the other songs. The end of the album does begin to pick up, but doesn’t make up for the mediocrity of the first half.

I appreciate what Schaeffer is trying to do with Something Worth Fighting For. However, in the process of telling their story, they’ve created an album that is extremely boring. The album just reeks of mediocrity to the point where it’s almost unlistenable. I'll skip the obvious and cliche play on the album title and just say that sometimes, it's best to just stick to writing songs.  -Klatzke

Recommended if You Like: "adult alternative," Snow Patrol (in the loosest sense)

Power pop music and an honest opinion.

Something Worth Fighting For

Scaeffer's second offering is a concept album written about an auto accident and its effects on a relationship (as best as I could figure it out). After the epic dramatic opening "i love you with a crash" the album dwells in power ballad territory most of the way. Similar to other modern pop bands like Goo Goo Dolls or Matchbox Twenty, the slick production and intricate arrangements often make each song blend into one another. And with this downer of a theme, other than the transcendent melody in "Tell You I" it gets tedious pretty fast. With most songs topping the four minute mark and lyrics about painful recovery, like "Make Us See" - you expect the TV Show "ER" to use this for a commercial promo. It's a shame only the CW shows use music like this. As a concept album it raises the bar for other bands that just put out pop fluff. Not a bad album, and I can appreciate the concept narrative here but the lack of stylistic variety hurts this overall. Recommended for fans of Schaeffer or overly melodramatic pop opera.


"Something worth fighting for"
(Rossi Music Group,2007)

There are questions I want answered by major label people, why isn't a band like Schaeffer more famous?
Instead they
have to produce and release their albums independently, it's a constant fight with promotion and getting radio plays.
The Schaeffer brothers doesn't do anything wrong, these guys are great storytellers and sure knows how to write a pop/rock song that screams out longevity.
The melodies belong in the major league and with the right budget behind them, the production could also be knockout - not that it's bad...ohno, I think the sound on their 2nd album "Something worth fighting for" is quite good.

But it can be better!

Their late 90's modern rock with a Britrock feel should be a huge success but I guess they're 10 years too late.

There's no justice in the world.

Songs like "Iloveyouwithacrash" and the title track should be running on MTV or VH1 every day of the week. -Kaj Roth

Something Worth Fighting For
(Independently released CD, Pop)

Schaeffer is the trio consisting of brothers Bryon Rossi, Nolan Rossi, and Daniel Rossi and Something Worth Fighting For is their second full-length studio album. Compared to other up-and-coming underground bands, these guys have a surprisingly slick and commercial sound. Schaeffer songs may very well be too polished and sleek for the average underground music fan...but our guess is that this isn't the specific market these guys are targeting anyway. Something spins like an album of hits all tied together into one well-conceived album. After spinning this CD several times, we predict that it's only a matter of time before these guys experience a major wave of success. Their songs are smart and articulate...and executed to perfection. The vocals are always right on target. Infectious hummable tracks include "Promise Me," "Iloveyouwithacrash" (our favorite), "Make Us See," and "Something Worth Fighting For." (Rating: 5)